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Why Your Small Business Needs To Invest In Digital Marketing

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

The world of digital marketing can seem confusing and daunting. With so many aspects of running a business to manage, small business owners may ask themselves, "Do I really need digital marketing?"

The simple answer is yes. We are in the digital age; it's time for you to embrace this medium of marketing for your business. In this post, we discuss why digital marketing is essential for your small business growth.

Digital marketing is profitable

One of the main benefits of hiring a digital marketing specialist is the ease of service. You can typically pay a monthly fee for your services to stay active and current online. Plus, digital marketing relies heavily on data, making it easier to monitor your return on investment (ROI). This isn't easy to do when using traditional marketing.

Digital marketing will earn you visibility

These days, most people are on the internet. Online visibility means exposure to thousands of people daily. Usually, the exposure you get is to the people who are actively looking for products and services like yours. This means that through digital marketing, you will get more qualified leads.

Being online also lends your business trust. Many people turn to online reviews for reassurance on their choice of business. In fact, according to BrightLocal, “85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.” That is a staggering amount of people who may not even be aware of your business simply because you are not accessible on review sites.

Your customers are online

Another reason to invest in digital marketing for your small business is the popularity of using online search engines to look for products or services. People no longer use newspaper ads or directories to find the products and services they need. Instead, they instinctively turn to a Google, Yahoo, or Bing search. According to TechCrunch, “there are 79 percent of U.S. consumers who shop on the web or their phones, up from just 22 percent back in 2000.” With over half of people looking online for the things they need, you want to make sure your business is an option to consumers.

Your competitors are also online