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Where To Spend Your Time (and Money) for Optimal Post-Pandemic Success

1. Social Media Marketing

Screen time and social media usage has skyrocketed as consumers nationwide shift to stay home, stay safe, and stay connected. Even as some businesses and states open up, many consumers are taking their business online! Make sure your business is part of the conversation! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube - leveraging social media channels effectively may be your best bet to capture and keep your customers attention right now. From connection to conversion, now is your time to harness social media platforms as powerful tools for your business.

If you already have a strong social media presence, stay consistent! Many businesses are seeing greater organic reach and engagement as a reward for their efforts in publishing relevant, timely, helpful content. Your audience is spending the time online, be sure you are, too!

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Where does your business rank in Google? If a consumer were to search for a product or service you provide, would you be found easily, ranked highly by Google? If the answer is no, now is the time to ramp up your SEO efforts. During COVID-19 closures, some businesses may be pausing their SEO effort, making it possible for your business to rank higher in search without exceeding your budget! While reaping the benefits of SEO typically takes a bit of time, we’re seeing an incredible turnaround for many new clients as their competitors are scaling back.

3. Facebook/Google Ads

It’s natural to assume that during times of crisis, marketing efforts may be a waste of money. This is a natural and oftentimes unavoidable trap - one that we urge our clients to avoid, if possible. Why?

As states roll out reopening phases, you want to ensure your business is top of mind! Not all consumers are tightening their purse strings. Some are still actively seeking goods and services...don’t let your offerings get out of the game! For consumers that are facing increased financial hardship, they may not be purchasing right now, but they’re still connecting online - if your business can be part of the conversation, you can begin to establish trust and even a consumer relationship, post-pandemic.

Ads run on Facebook, Instagram, or Google will work to keep your brand relevant, reactive, and right in front of your target audience! Stay top of mind and accessible with ads - when customers are ready to purchase, you’ll be there.

How SEO Can Contribute To A Higher Online Presence

Make Sure Your Business Can Be Found Online (SEO)

Search traffic has increased significantly during quarantine, as has screen time, social media referral traffic, and time spent online. We’re all glued to our computers and phones. Seeking connection, updates, news, information, goods, and even services.