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Website Design for Ultimate Customer Conversion

Optimizing your brand’s online presence is one of the most effective ways of reaching new customers. The idea that your brand’s perceived credibility is contingent on an expertly crafted website isn’t new. Most digital marketers will tell you that your company website acts as the backbone of your business and online efforts.

Research shows that there is a 50-70% increase in consumers’ usage of search engines and social media platforms during the pandemic and consumers are spending more time on mobile and desktop devices. Considering that nearly every piece of content and digital interaction aims at driving potential consumers back to your website, it is crucial to ensure that once there, it serves as the ultimate ally – for your business, brand, and customers, now more than ever!

A High Level Look at Design

From colors to content organization, navigation, and mobile optimization - design can be the driving force behind customer action, evoking feelings of professionalism and trust in seconds. Your website’s design doesn’t just impact user experience, it is your users’ experience. So, how do we guarantee it’s a great one?

Consistency, clarity, functionality, personality.

Consistency: Branded colors, font, layout - consistency across the website and online materials is key for a cohesive, professional appeal.

Clarity: Images, graphics, fonts, content - clarity reigns supreme! If your copy is dense, hard to read, or even harder to find, your visitors can’t connect (or convert).

Functionality: Email sign-ups, schedule free consultations, learn more - if visitors struggle to find calls to action or next steps due to poor layout or design, you can lose interest and business.

Personality: Team, mission statement, values, experience, education - your company personality can connect you to consumers before they take their next steps, speaking to the unique experience they can expect.

When taking a closer look at your website’s consistency, clarity, functionality, and personality, consider the solutions and services you offer, the mission or persona you stand by, and the people you proudly provide to. Does your company website reflect that? Is your site easily navigated, eye-catching, and evoking feelings of trust and professionalism? If not, it’s time to update the design.

Create a Color Story to Best Tell Your Story

Consider some of the most reputable brands and businesses. More often than not, their colors and coordination come to mind - used throughout all efforts, lending themselves to a greater sense of brand credibility. Your business can capitalize on that, by leveraging a branded color story of your own.

A color story is defined as a palette of colors a brand or business may utilize to tie its efforts together. Color is one of the most powerful visual aids, giving your company website a cohesive, branded look, and feel. The decision to use black, navy, red, or orange may feel simple but in actuality, your company’s color story can convey emotion, communicate brand identity, a