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Utilizing Mobile Messaging with E-Commerce

It's hard to find someone who doesn't always carry their mobile phone.

After all, they're travel-friendly, easily accessible, and essentially a pocket-sized computer. Therefore, as a business, we may as well seize this opportunity to access customers whenever possible. Mobile Messaging can do this for you.

According to Braze, “The messages that you send via mobile can be powerful.” “Time spent on mobile devices has surpassed desktop and 80% of app users engage with their apps 15 times a day.” Knowing this, here are 9 different ways to use mobile messaging to increase engagement among your e-commerce customers.

1. Engage customers with an interactive experience

Make customers feel like part of an experience with your brand. If your customers receive a welcome and engagement from you, they will be more likely to keep your business's app or purchase from your business directly from their phone. According to Branch, “62 percent of smartphone users have bought something online using mobile devices in the past six months.” “And in 2016, mobile purchases were 34 percent of all eCommerce purchases worldwide, with this figure predicted to double as of the end of 2017.”

2. Send reminders

Gently remind customers about unopened promotional opportunities or abandoned purchases. Try using push notifications as a way to keep people informed about what's going on and engaged with your business. You can also use welcome and thank you emails to keep users engaged.

3. Offer special promotions

Use targeted promotions to gain engagement and ultimately win over your customers. According to Outerbox, some of the most popular promotions to win over customers are, “free shipping, percentage sales, BOGO, quantity discounts and rewards programs.” These promotions will persuade your customers to stick around.