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Why Your Business Needs To Invest In Social Media

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

It’s no question the important role that social media plays in businesses. It provides an influential platform to communicate and interact with when concerning customers and clients. Even with the benefits of being able to instantly reach all of your customers many business owners are still hesitant to make the transition online.

This can seem daunting at first, and it’s ok to feel that way. It’s a big step for a business, especially since it adds a sense of credibility and authenticity to your company. And in truth, that’s the underlying key to why it’s so important to invest in social media at this moment.

There’s no time to waste. Many potential customers are online searching for products and watching videos and you have the opportunity to keep your business at the forefront of their minds. This is easily done by being able to post on social media consistently every day. This will then keep your customer’s attention on your product as they scroll through their social feed every day. This will remind them that you’re still operational and can attract customers back to your business that you otherwise wouldn’t have had.

Three Girls Media came up with an info graph that best sums up how your business can benefit from having social media. You can see from the info graph the point of view from both an industry and a customers outlook.

Below we have compiled the top reasons why investing in social media is key! We begin to outline the different advantages of how having your social media being presented to your customers can benefit your business.

Why Organic Social Media Is Important Right Now

Now, what constitutes organic social media? This comes down to posting about your business, promotions, staff, customers, or pictures of your everyday service. By far the cheapest and easiest way to interact with your customers online. This is usually what you think of when the topic of business owners using social media comes up.

At this moment social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are taking advantage of sharing information in an artistic style. This is not only captivating an audience that is going to stay on the platform but there are ways to reach your target market because of it.