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The Importance of Mid to Upper Funnel Content in the Health, Wellness, & Beauty Industry

A cup of coffee next to a chalkboard that shows a chart. As content strategy increases, success increases as well.
Content Strategy

The health and wellness industry is significant, and it’s easy for your company to get lost in the sea of small businesses. Setting your business apart is critical in such a competitive market, and having multiple marketing strategies will make your advertising that much more effective. Frequently, retailers overlook potential content creations that can draw and guide consumers towards their products. Most miss the opportunity to expand their customer base by only creating bottom-funnel content geared towards an audience that knows what product they want and is ready to buy that specific product. You can guide potential consumers towards your product or service by creating mid to upper-funnel content.

What Are the Different Levels of Content?

When creating your content strategy, it’s important to integrate each level of content into your SEO strategy. Bottom-funnel content is the most popular kind of content produced, usually showcasing your business’s product or service geared towards an audience that is readily prepared to purchase. However, your business may be missing out on potential leads from customers who don’t know that they need to buy your product, but they can be pushed towards your product with a bit of guidance.

The next level is mid-funnel content, which compares products or services to help consumers determine the best fit for their needs. Some consumers may know that they want a particular service, such as a massage. But they may not know whether a deep-tissue massage or hot-stone massage would be best for their needs, such as stress relief. Creating content that compares your products or services can help users decide what service they need.

After mid-funnel content, we have upper-funnel content. This kind of content educates the user on a broader level. For instance, if a customer is searching for new makeup products, they may come across a piece, “How to Do Smokey Eyes,” using a particular kind of eyeshadow in the video or article. After learning more about a specific look that interests them, they may be enticed to buy the product used in the video.

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New Content, New Results

Bottom-Funnel Content

When constructing your content strategy, begin with your bottom-funnel content and work towards upper-funnel content. Bottom-funnel is usually created without much content strategy other than ensuring that the content is optimized and SEO-friendly. Pages with bottom-funnel content are often advertising towards an audience ready to buy, with information including the price, description of the product or service, and a way to book or buy. An example of this would be a consumer searching for a “deep tissue massage near me” and reaching a page that has that specific service ready to sell. The consumer already knows the particular service they want and is prepared to purchase.