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The Critical Role Social Media Plays in Your Pandemic Plan

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

A strong social media presence is an essential component of any healthy business... but now, it needs to be a critical pillar of your pandemic plan.

Establishing brand trust, reaching potential consumers, fostering community amongst customers: leveraging social media platforms successfully can have a direct (positive) impact on your bottom line - and in the face of COVID-19, may be what helps keep some businesses connected, keyed in, and afloat.

With a reported 3.8 billion users, your ideal client is not only online but actively seeking social media platforms as part of their decision-making process. The average American spent over 2 hours a day browsing social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Now, as a great majority of the world settles into home quarantine - social stats have skyrocketed. People seek out entertainment, escape, information, and at the root of it all: human connection. With the rise of social distancing, your customers seek new ways to connect - are you prepared? Let’s take a look.

The 3 C’s: Content, Conversation, Consistency

Content: Content is King! For a good reason, too. Content - whether in the form of a video, long-form posts, short-form posts, or graphics - is the meat of what attracts potential customers, keeps them on your page, and ultimately encourages action. As you focus on your social media content strategy during this time, consider asking yourself the following questions in the review of a post:

  1. Is it informative?

  2. Is it educational?

  3. Is it engaging?

  4. Is there a clear call to action?

Video, video, video. Oh, did we mention video? With users tuning in at an all-time high, take video features such as Instagram stories, Instagram Live, Facebook Live, or simply video creation to capture (and keep) attention.

Note: In respect to the current state of our world, it is imperative to remain empathetic in tone and ensure your content is reflective of the times.

Conversation: Social platforms prioritize content deemed relevant to users based on engagement - comments, likes, etc. Encourage authentic connection with authentic dialogue - responding to comments, direct messages, and even interacting online. This works to establish brand trust - showing your customers that you’re present, proactive, and, you guessed it: personable.

Consistency: Regardless of the platform, consistency is the name of the game! Many businesses fall prey to erratic posting schedules and hit or miss audience engagement (or conversation). Consider establishing a set schedule: 3-5 times per week of educational, entertaining, informative, or engaging content per week. If that feels impossible, lower your posting rate but stick to it. Your consumers need to see that you’re there.

Promotions Provide Value

Creating online promotions that are only redeemable through your social media can provide ample sales despite diminished or non-existent foot traffic.

Promotions can be claimed through coupons, sales, and even a discount on select products or services. If you provide a service, online promotions can be a great way to entice new clients with popular packages or current clients with unique offerings, discounts, etc.