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How To Recession Proof Your Business

It's never too late to begin recession-proofing your small business. It adds an extra layer of security and a contingency plan for when the economy begins to decline. But what does it mean to recession-proof your house? We have a couple of recommendations to help any business get started on the right plan.

From protecting your cash flow to building your customer base, implementing a few practices in advance can help recession-proof your business so it survives and even thrives during economic downturns.

Win The Competitions Customers

You must continue to expand your customer/client base if your small business is going to prosper in tough times. This means drawing customers from your competition. This can be approached in different ways:

  • Showcase your product on social media and target your competitor's audience

  • Create Brand Loyalty through giveaways and items with company logos

  • Stand Out with your value proposition - Always put your differences on display

  • Use SpyFu to understands your competitors' most profitable keywords in ads and google search

During a recession, many of your competitors will begin to roll back excess spending. Most businesses will make the mistake to cut back on their marketing, meaning the landscape for their audience's attention.

If you aren't familiar with other companies in your industry, it's time to do some research. Watch their ads, sign up for their email lists, visit their brick-and-mortar stores, and visit their social media pages to keep tabs on everything they do. Watch for qualities that separate your business from theirs, and do your best to offer something unique that nobody else can match.

Make The Most of Current Customers