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How to Prepare Your Business for the 2020 Holiday Season

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Pandemic-proofing your business may not have been part of your 2020 plan, but prepping to serve consumers during a busy season unlike ever before, indeed must be.

The thing on every customers’ wish list this year? A safe, easy, and efficient user experience - from gift buying to service hiring and everything in between.

As a small business owner in 2020, your wish list doesn’t end there: observing COVID protocols, adhering to CDC guidelines, supporting internal teams, shifting further towards eCommerce emphasis, and even discovering unique ways to deliver the holiday experience this year has kept your hands full. Tis the season of pivoting, and as such, we aim to serve as business wonders nationwide to prepare their teams and customers for a whole new holiday experience.

We outlined 6 key pathways to pivoting and prioritizing for fruitful festivity, enhanced consumer experience, and a merry bottom line. Are you taking the necessary steps to meet the demands of everyone on your list this year? Let’s take a closer look.

Put a Bow on Your Online and ECommerce Experience

Is your business ready to connect and convert your consumers online this holiday season? Are your online offerings and e-commerce experience user-friendly and festivity-ready? If not, it may be time to take a closer look in preparation.

  1. Update Your Website: check listed hours, landing pages, layout, and even load time. While you won’t want to launch a massive re-work just before the busiest time of year, you’ll certainly want to ensure consumers can find you easily and navigate your site efficiently. With stay-at-home orders fluctuating and almost every retailer and service provider responding with shifted offerings, online activity is at an all-time high! Check to ensure your website is running smoothly this season.

  2. Ramp Up Social Media Efforts: one of the easiest and most effective ways to reach your consumers this holiday season is social media marketing. While you check your website, make sure that your social media business profiles are not only linked but offering significant support! Consider shaping a strong editorial calendar with quality graphics - made easily from free sites like Canva - to showcase seasonal offerings, connect with consumers where they spend time online, and drive greater action!

  3. Be Thorough with Inventory Tracking and Offerings: Before you can kick off any exciting holiday sales or promotions, you’ll want to make sure you can accurately predict your products’ levels, if applicable. With high demand in 2020, it’s crucial to confirm your business is equipped to meet the orders.

  4. Be Sure All Offerings and Hours Are Up to Date: Change of hours or operation time? Take this opportunity to tell your consumers how you plan to keep them safe and satisfied this holiday season by clearly updating all crucial information. Think websites, social media, even Google.

  5. Local? Consider ramping up local efforts, like joining location-based Facebook Groups or even NextDoor to start networking, sharing news about your business, and even meeting potential customers online.

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