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Feeding & Succeeding Through a Global Pandemic

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

In response to COVID-19, restaurants have been forced to reduce their offerings significantly: take out and delivery only. If your restaurant relies on the dine-in experience, such mandatory closures can feel catastrophic. They don’t have to be. Adjusting services, connecting to your community, and communicating with your customers is key to keeping your business profitable during the pandemic.

BrandRep can help. We rounded up a few key ways to shift your restaurant offerings, right here and now, to help offset the COVID-19 impact.

Curb Side Pick Up

While your customers may not be able to enjoy their favorite meal tableside, they can certainly pick it up - curbside! Introduce and advertise a safe, sanitary, and simple curbside service to ensure your patrons can still support your restaurant.

Consider training your servers to deliver food to parked cars or walk-up patrons safely, and broadcast the availability of this service across your email list and social media platforms.

Note: Your servers must wear sanitary, disposable gloves and face masks to provide a sense of security for all involved. Patrons are far more likely to support a favorite eatery if they feel the proper safety measurements are in place.


Never made the jump to delivery? Now might be the right time. Offer patrons a way to enjoy restaurant-quality food from the comfort (and safety) of their own homes.

Time to get the word out! Consider contacting restaurant regulars to inform them of this new option, creating clear signage for your location of all offerings, and even updating your online presence to reflect all possibilities.

If you're interested in delivering services

Note: If you would like help setting up online ordering for your business today, please contact us for more information or click here to read more about it. Popular apps like Uber Eats, Postmates, and DoorDash will work with you as a built-in delivery service. Explore those options if service is a concern.

Meal Prep Services & Family Boxes

Your customers may be looking for the security and feasibility of prepared meals to stock in their fridge.

Most consumers would jump at the opportunity to have restaurant-quality food available and ready at their convenience, especially if it means one less meal to cook for the family. With most households quarantined at home, it’s a safe assumption that even those who enjoy cooking would appreciate the help. Whether a family meal or weeks' worth of lunches, your options are endless.