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7 Crucial Business Communication Trends for 2021 Customer Satisfaction

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

In today’s digitally fueled world, most consumers have exceedingly high expectations when it comes to communication. Whether in the early, exploratory stages of their buying journey or the progressed phase of routine purchase and recurring conversion, your customers are expecting an accelerated level of communication: are you prepared to offer that? From effective listening to email campaigns, text alerts to chatbots, newsletter updates to Google updates, this is the year to dial in, ramp up, and supercharge your business’s communication techniques - effectively.

We’ll show you how, with 7 powerful communication tactics for customer satisfaction, conversion, and retention:

Omnichannel Approach

Customers expect companies to provide consistent communication - and voice - across all platforms, from text campaigns to chats, emails to social media. For example, if they’ve attempted to communicate with your business on Twitter or Facebook, they expect that information to transfer over and later touch base, if applicable. Similarly, they expect a consistent tone and offering to be portrayed in text and email updates. A consistent experience is a crucial aspect of customer experience, so look to omnichannel over siloed approaches in 2021.

Real-Time Communication

It’s time to consider real-time communication, not just for your internal teams but with your customers alike. 2020 highlighted the need for real-time digital communication, and undoubtedly this is one trend that businesses will want to prioritize in the years to come. Customers now expect that businesses, both big and small, can offer immediate responses and real-time communication from the comfort of their smartphones. Make your customer’s experience as convenient and conversion-worthy as possible, with real-time, quick responses to outreach, questions, comments, concerns, and even feedback.