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5 Powerful Reasons to Prioritize Social Media Efforts for Your Business in 2021

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

By 2021, you are most likely leveraging at least one social media platform to grow your business. Whether Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or beyond, your internal marketing efforts already consider the tremendous capabilities of such applications, but we urge you to consider: are you harnessing the full power of platforms available?

This year, we’re urging business owners to explore digging deeper into the world of likes, posts, comments, and shares to tap into greater brand awareness, authority, personality, reputation management, and even lead generation. We’ve urged our clients to consider social media services in the past, but the way we all do business has changed in a nearly post-pandemic world. As such, social media has become an absolute necessity for optimal healthy growth.

Let’s take a closer look, with 5 powerful reasons to prioritize social media efforts for your business in 2021.

Boost Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is an often overlooked aspect of business growth and success, but the extent to which a potential customer recognizes a brand should never be ignored. While not all businesses should expect to garner massive awareness around a particular product, name, or service, aspects of awareness are attainable and essential. Those can include:

  • Potential customers being familiar with what your business or brand is known for

  • Potential customers being able to assess and understand offerings quickly (perhaps based on pre-established awareness)

  • Potential customers and established customers choosing your brand or business over the competition based on awareness / established trust / assumed experience

  • Positive association or connotation with your business or brand name (not measurable per se but often buoyed through positive reviews, sharing testimonials, and pattern of positive word of mouth)

Brand awareness can’t be ignored. Neither can social media platforms positively impact such a marketing goal: in fact, social media is often synonyms with increased brand awareness for marketers. You’ll want to ensure your business has a healthy online presence to promote brand awareness. That can look like:

  • An active and up-to-date profile on the platform best suited for your business and audience

  • Clear social content with accompanying visuals as needed

  • Consistent updates, linking back to your website