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5 Challenging Characteristics Of A Lead That Can Turn Into Gold

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Our clients are our number one priority. Without our clients, BrandRep cannot function to run as a business. That being said, sometimes clients are just not a good fit for the specific services that we offer.

For many of our clients, an ad network can be a new and exciting idea. It's often a fun experience explaining the benefits that PPC advertising can bring to their businesses! At times these conversations never go as smoothly as you'd like. If you know what to look for, there are signs that scream out, "Don't Do It!" when dealing with clients.

Let's go over these 5 challenging characteristics of a lead that can turn into gold.

1. Budget Is Too Small

Frequently, this is the first and most significant point of concern most of our staff run into when dealing with clients. A client's intent can be to start ranking high on the first page and as soon as possible. This is often not possible and unrealistic with the low budget given to us.

Dealing with too low budgets does not give us enough room to get effective results, especially if the client wants to reach the first page of google with their ads.

At the minimum, we should only accept budgets that are $300 or more per month. Ideally, our best results come from businesses that can offer at least a $500 ad budget per month.

If a client is interested in getting ads promoted but only has $200 a month for an ad budget, they could use that money in other avenues. I would recommend:

  1. See if the client can afford a higher ad budget. Often showing the client Google's recommended bid can help persuade them into investing more.

  2. Ask the Client to elaborate on their goals and expectations. There can be instances where other BrandRep services can better serve their business and growth.

These are two better solutions than taking on a client with a low budget that we will not deliver their expectations. This hurts both the client and BrandRep.

Here's How You Can Turn This Into Gold

If the client's budget is too low for Google Ads, you can pitch them other services they can afford to help them grow. The idea here is to create a solid foundation to eventually have enough revenue to devote the right amount of money to Google Ads.

Though they came to us with a difficult situation, they can leave with more marketing help for their business. This will create trust and a bond between BrandRep and them due to us looking out for their money.

2. They Have Poor Online Reputation