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4 Crucial Takeaways To Consider For 2021

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

As the world eagerly works towards closing out one of the most challenging years to date, we at BrandRep have shifted our focus to shaping 2021 success strategies and marketing goals for business owners.

Our focus on ensuring each and every member of the BrandRep community has access to powerful digital marketing resources, expertise, and offerings remain at an all-time high. With ample reflection, re-prioritization, and trend forecasting, we’ve aimed all efforts at stabilizing your business and successfully steering towards a strong new year. We’ve identified four key takeaways you should consider before stepping into 2021.

1. Take Time to Reflect

As the adage goes, ‘Before you can see where you’re going, you have to consider where you’ve been,’ and in 2020, the tale rings true for business owners and professionals worldwide. The past year has required more gut, gumption, guidance, and grit than perhaps any 12 months in business history. Let us use aspects of it to our advantage, with ample reflection.

Before we can prepare for the year ahead, we must first assess - and reflect - on 2020 as it stands: the wins, the losses, the plans, the pivots. The pandemic touched nearly every aspect of business, so it may feel overwhelming but consider the following questions as just a kick-off to your reflection:

  • What modifications have I made to my day-to-day business operations to best accommodate 2020 demands? (Think: Work from home schedule, increased in-store safety precautions)

  • How did those modifications impact my business financially?

  • How did those modifications impact my team internally?

  • What - if any - modifications are sustainable long term? If none, what has made them unsustainable?

  • How have I connected with my customers and clientele during shutdowns and shifted operations? (Think: Email and Social Media efforts)

  • Have those communication efforts been well-received? If not, do I feel like I am reaching my clientele on the ideal platform?

  • Is my businesses’ online presence optimized for an ideal user experience? If not, can I prioritize that in 2021?

  • How have I prioritized customer relationships in 2020? How can I continue to prioritize such connection and communication in 2021?

  • Where did we miss the mark entirely with efforts? If anywhere, why?

Ultimately, shifting into a new year doesn’t mean we can change out of pandemic planning and pivoting, but it should mean we consider the successful steps - and stall-outs - we faced to better shape our 2021.